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Privileged locations in the hearts of each destination that will allow our customers to enjoy a wide leisure and cultural offer. The luxury of being in the center of the city, maximum comfort for leisure or business.

Design Rooms

Design Rooms

The design and decoration are one of the insignia of Unusual Hotels. Each of them has unique rooms, with their own personality, as our customers. That's why not They have a number, they have their own name. All are surprised by their "unusual" elements inside, which will make the experience of our customers unforgettable.

Soul Service

Soul Service

We are a team of people committed to body and soul for the satisfaction of our customers. For this, through technology but also and above all through the spirit of our staff, we focus on offering excellent service and full of passion.

Local Connection

Local Connection

"To be Ultralocal, to be Universal" In Unusual Hotels we want our guests to be integrated with the local culture. There is nothing more enriching than knowing and experiencing the modus vivendi of the natives of each destination. Music, arts, gastronomy make up the destination. Together we become creators of culture.

Staying at Unusual Hotels means living an experience that you will not find anywhere else. A perfect combination between design, location, soul service and autenthic local connection. Feel at home at Unusual Hotels, with the guarantee of not leaving you indifferent.

Our boutique hotels are unique in your species; They will make you feel as if they have transported you to another world. Our spaces are designed to give you everything you need and our team of professionals are prepared to provide and always wish you: have a good day!

Being Unusual is not being weird, it's being special.

Being special, it's not strange, is being yourself.

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Being Unusual is not being weird, it's being special. Join the Unusual Club

Brondo Architect Hotel

This accommodation is 15 minutes walk from the beach. This luxurious and elegant hotel is located in the picturesque historic center of Palma de Mallorca, just a 4-minute walk from the cathedral. Our hotel combines traditional Mallorcan-style architecture with a modern and elegant bohemian design. 30 rooms that are characterized by a totally "unusual" design.

Temporary exhibitions and street music throughout the year. A restaurant that is the "soul" of the hotel, Can Brondo, and one of the favorites of the residents of the city that is complemented by a fun Brondoteria for casual tapas on the street. An experience that is completed with its Open Gym and your Circus room, for events and meetings.

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In the heart of the popular town of Sóller, located in one of its most emblematic streets, Calle Lluna, you will find the Lluna Hotel, a boutique hotel that encloses the magic of Mallorcan tradition combined with the most avant-garde design. 12 different rooms that preserve the modernist charm and transport you to a unique experiential journey where tradition and modernity coexist.

In Lluna Hotel the local artistic and musical talent that you can live and enjoy during your stay throughout the year is promoted. In addition, its restaurant with interior patio and a fresh lemon bowl completes the experience of the most exquisite palates, with its traditional recipes from our Islands.

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  • Brondo Architect Hotel Palma de Mallorca
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