Brondo Architect Hotel

A home for you

The N6 architects have turned their corporate building at Calle Can Brondo 4, which is located directly in the centre of Palma de Mallorca, into a four star boutique hotel with stunning architectural character in a Bohemian de luxe style. Brondo Architect Hotel has 26 rooms and wonderful common areas. Four of the rooms are suites with their own terraces.

This boutique hotel consists of three buildings with two different architectural styles, combining in the same space XVII Century Majorcan architecture with industrial loft design. The suites are thematically decorated (music, travel, time, architecture, nautical) and follow the latest trends in hotel decoration, called Bohemian chic style or Bohemian de luxe. It boasts a flexible, casual touch and carefreeness that doesn’t comply with any protocol as it dominates the difficult art of mixture. It has conserved furniture from the hippy movement, a bit eccentric, and combines it with other more luxurious furniture. It is not an ostentatious luxury, but a natural, relaxed one, with a carefree composition where color is always present.

All this combination provides Brondo Architect Hotel a unique character where old and new co-exist harmoniously.

Unusual Experiences

To everything we have told you, a fascinating experiential atmosphere surrounds you, from the moment you enter until you say goodbye to us. Our Olive Care Amenities, 100% ecological and natural, in all our rooms.

Our fragrance, Unusual Fragrance, composed of intense notes reminiscent of ancient skin and at the same time to smell something new, precisely the combination of tradition and avant-garde that is breathed in our hotels. Our technology, Handy Service, a smartphone available to customers in each room that is integrated with all the services of the hotel to offer guests the possibility of being connected without limits, wherever they go.

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