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"Being ultra local, to be universal"

At Brondo Architect Hotel we want our guests to be integrated with the local culture. There is nothing more enriching than knowing and experiencing the modus vivendi of the natives of each destination. Music, arts, gastronomy make up the destination. Together we become creators of culture. All in perfect cohesion, they get an authentic local connection that makes the trip experience totally Unusual.

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Brondo Architect Hotel is a clear commitment to the art beyond its decorative side of the building and its individual rooms. The hotel features the Art Gallery “Art District” with permanent collections and temporary exhibitions. The exhibition area creates a centre of artistic and cultural life inside the hotel. A new benchmark in the world of contemporary art in Palma. It’s a eclectic programme of monthly events featuring friends from our neighbourhood and around the world,  it’s the guide to our local areas curated with a little help from the locals and it’s Architect blog, the go  to place for inside info on what’s going down in our world.

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The music is protagoinsta in Brondo Architect Hotel. It is part of our architecture inside and outside. We bet on the local musical talent. Songwriters, street artists, young people from Palma who are beginning in the world of music put the tune and we at your disposal the best stage in the center of the city.

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At the same time, transferring local flavors is one of our passions. Our kitchens are temples of worship and care for the raw material of each place. Sharing traditional recipes of the destination with our guests helps us to leave in your palate that "local connection" that you can not forget.